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கடிதங்கள் இணைப்புகள்

Dear Jeyan,

Recently came across this article in New York Times which talks about the influence of language in thought process, i remember you mentioned about this in your blog once when you talked about the relationship between a mother tongue and Sub conscious. Thought it might interest you.



Dear J,

I’m sending you a link, just incase if you haven’t read it already. It
talks about the mathematician grisha perelman. The article is
co-written by the author of A beatiful Mind.


I immediately fell in love with him; of course anyone would.

I think he resembles howard roark in some ways.

Grisha Perelman inspires us. I think there is still place for
romanticism atleast just for one reason – it inspires people.

If you find time, please write what you think of him. Thanks.


தொடர்புடைய பதிவுகள்

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