The promotional posters/billboards/promos don’t create any impact whatsoever, which has left this ‘ Ozhimuri’ with minimal expectations, but the movie must be definitely encouraged for its honest effort, though the director could have worked more over the tight, demanding scripts to make it one of the best in recent years.

south stills விமர்சனம்

Ozhimuri’ have already won attention through its simple yet meaningful stills and posters. The whole movie pictured with a tinge of yellow light salient in most of its shot already speaks of the separation and the withering away of relationships. Its been long since colour codes have been utilized in Malayalam Cinema. The film so far claims to be yet another project pioneering a change. Looks like the glory of Malayalam cinema is once again regaining its grandeur.


The plot may seem complicated, but everything is explained subtly with dialogues not only about love, the man-woman relationship and the complications in them, but even the differences in the eating habits of different communities is mentioned in a light way.


The highlight of the movie is Jayamohan’s screenplay. In his first venture in Mollywood, he has been reasonably sincere to a system on which he has got first-hand experience.Impressive dialogues, laden with observations, which occasionally take us by surprise.