Acclaimed writer B.Jeyamohan, who hails from this region has, in his unique style, excellently narrated the story of a bygone era and its customs through the eyes of the modern day world. Director Madhupal has proved that his first film wasn’t a fluke; the story of Ozhimuri needed someone mature and open minded to justify its onscreen presentation and Madhupal has risen to the occasion

ஒழிமுறி -எந்தா விமர்சனம்

Jayamohan’s script is one of the best of recent times, and the way he handled three generations in a multinarrative way deserves a special mention. madupal can be proud to get such a brilliant script and actors who are ready to give their best

ஒழிமுறி தியேட்டர் பால்கனி விமர்சனம்

zhimuri the malayalam drama film getting positive reviews from the critic. Director Madhupal prove again after thalappavu, all the actors performed well in this movie especially Lal and Asif Ali.

ஒழிமுறி விமர்சனம் ராய்ட்டர் மூவீஸ்

Overall, Ozhimuri from Madhupal is an impressive movie that will make the audience go through the minds of the three protagonists even after watching the movie. It may not be as charming as Thalappavu, but still it’s a very good movie for sincere movie lovers. I am giving 3.5/5 for this Madhupal-Jayamohan film.

ஒழிமுறி லென்ஸ்மேன் விமர்சனம்

Without any doubt Lal has has given an extremely brilliant performance in this movie

ஒழிமுறி மெட்ரோ மேட்னீ விமர்சனம்

OZHIMURI…was a pleasant surprise…well made,well executed and well crafted..a surprisingly good film which was well researched and authentic.

ஒழிமுறி சாரதி

The definite highlight of the movie is JayaMohan’s screen writing for his own novel which is well furbished with incidences and finer dialogues with plenty of observations that suit the tastes of the present-day spectators and make it more palatable.

ஒழிமுறி இண்டியா க்லிட்ஸ் விமர்சனம்