When the void stares right back at you

Despite the filth and the moral turpitude that underlies this topic, human grace and hope gleam through. The superlative craftsmanship of the writer and his intimate knowledge of topography is entrenched in his own reflections as a beggar at Pazhani…

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When the void stares right back at you 

Nandita Bose  

The Abyss- Amazon 


Tamil Nadu | Writer-critic B. Jeyamohan draws on his experiences living as a beggar in his 20s in new book The Abyss

‘The Abyss’ – an English translation of Jeyamohan’s Tamil novel ‘Ezhaam Ulagam’

Jeyamohan interview: Ezhaam Ulagam, or The Abyss, is a spiritual inquiry into beggars’ lives


முந்தைய கட்டுரைஎழுத்தாளர்களும் சினிமாவும்
அடுத்த கட்டுரைசவார்க்கர், கடிதங்கள்